It all started ...

We started hill-hopping back in 2003 to raise money for The Family Support Network and Camp LIFE (which stands for Leadership, Independence and Friends through Experiences) specifically.  It seemed a natural fit to be associated with the BP MS150 ride and it's efforts to battle Multiple Sclerosis, so we became affiliated as a Recommended Ride.

We've continued that partnership with BikeMS through the years, and we think we've got 4 great routes to get riders who are used to riding on flats ready for those Austin hills.

These days we are raising money for Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center (whose mission is to provide exceptional services to ensure that all people with disabilities, special needs or functional limitations have equal opportunities to live, learn, work, and play in their communities). It's still all about helping kids with disabilities (and their families) lead full, happy, engaged, and independent lives.

Tri-County Hill Hopper

Carol Binzer Director


Best shirts! Anonymous

This ride is one of my favorites, mainly because they have such awesome shirts!

Mountains...molehills Anonymous

OMG! They aren't kidding about getting hill training on this ride! I thought my legs might fall off after that first one! So worth it though! Great support on the route, great rest stops, great scenery, ... great ride!